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Español por favor

Of course, many people who work in the resort areas know some English, but you will come across many locals who do not know any. In any case, knowing a few words and phrases in Spanish can't hurt! Here are a few you may want to remember. 1. Hola (HOE-LA): Hello 2. Como esta (COE-MOE ES-TA): How are you? 3. Nosotros queremos cambiar el dinero (NOS-OTROS KEH-REH-MOS CAM-BEE-AR ELLE DEEN-ERO): We would like to change money 4. Quiero (KYAY-ROH): I would like.. 5. Porque (POOR KAY): Why? 5. Donde esta.. (DON-DAY ES-TA): Where is.. 6. Hace mucho calor (HA-SAY MOOCH-O CA-LORE): It's very hot outside! 7. Quanto cuesta (KWAN-TOE KWES-TA): How much does this cost? 8. Muchas gracias (MOOCH-OSS GRAT-SIAS): Thank you very much 9. Lo siento (LOE SEE-EN-TOE): I'm sorry 10. Perdonneme (PER-DON-EH-MEH): Excuse me, forgive me 11. Adios (AD-IOS): Goodbye 12. Hasta lluego (HAS-TA LOO-AY-GO): See you later 13. Puedo tener..(PWAY-DO TEN-ER): Can I have.. 14. Que hora es (KAY ORA ES): What time is it? 15. No hablo mucho espanol (NO AB-LO MOO-CHO ES-PAN-YOL): I don't speak much Spanish La playa- beach Cerrado - closed Abierto - open El Hotel - hotel La comida - food, meal El dinero - money La casa - the house Los servicios - the bathroom, facilities El aeropuerto - airport Cambio de dinero - money exchange Peligro - danger Picante - spicy Como - how Que - what Quien - who Cuando - when Por que - why

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