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Why Paying the Vendor Fee is Worth it: A Message from Germán Cabello, CEO of GCStar Punta Cana

Dear guests,

As the CEO of GCStar Punta Cana, I would like to take a moment to address a common question that many of you may have: why should you pay the vendor fee and hire your own wedding or event services, such as a DJ, florist, photographer, or videographer, instead of using the ones provided by the hotel?

The answer is simple: because it gives you more choice, control, and value for your money.

Let me explain. When you book a wedding or event at a hotel, you are often required to use the hotel's preferred vendors or in-house services. While these vendors may be convenient and familiar with the venue, they may not necessarily be the best fit for your specific needs and preferences. You may end up paying for services that you don't want or need, or not getting the level of quality or customization that you desire.

On the other hand, when you pay the vendor fee and hire your own services, you have the freedom to choose from a wider range of vendors and compare their prices, portfolios, and reviews. You can select the ones that best match your style, budget, and vision, and communicate directly with them to ensure that they understand your expectations and requirements. This leads to a more personalized, tailored, and memorable experience for you and your guests.

Moreover, by hiring outside vendors, you may actually save money in the long run. While the vendor fee may seem like an extra cost upfront, it can actually offset the markup or commission that the hotel may charge for using its own vendors. Additionally, many independent vendors are willing to negotiate their prices or offer special packages or discounts, especially if you book multiple services with them or refer them to other clients.

Finally, hiring outside vendors can also benefit the local economy and support small businesses. Instead of relying solely on the hotel's resources, you can contribute to the livelihoods of talented professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and committed to providing excellent service. You can also discover hidden gems and unique touches that may not be available through the hotel's offerings.

In conclusion, paying the vendor fee and hiring your own wedding or event services is not only worth it, but it can also enhance your overall experience and create lasting memories. At GCStar Punta Cana, we fully support our guests' freedom of choice and strive to provide a flexible, transparent, and personalized service that meets their highest standards. So don't hesitate to explore your options and make your dream event a reality.


Germán Cabello

CEO of GCStar Punta Cana


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