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Celebrity Weddings

At GCStar Punta Cana, we've had the incredible privilege of being part of some truly star-studded weddings that took place in the beautiful Dominican Republic. It's been an absolute honor for our team to play a role in these high-profile events, and we are overjoyed to know that these remarkable couples have cherished the most important day of their lives. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the trust placed in us and extend our sincere thanks to the dedicated GCStar Punta Cana team.

Nadia Spencer and Brandon McManus


Nadia Spencer and Brandon McManus, a couple whose love story began when Brandon spotted Nadia in a university cafeteria, celebrated a magical wedding. Brandon, an NFL kicker for the Denver Broncos, surprised Nadia with a proposal during a double date at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Their engagement was short, and they spent a month relishing their happiness before embarking on planning a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. Nadia worked closely with wedding planners to realize her vision of a blush and gold-themed wedding. The couple's journey from a chance meeting in a cafeteria to a destination wedding was a testament to their love story.


Josie Hart and Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood, a hands-on groom, recently married his longtime friend Josie Hart in a destination wedding at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas in the Dominican Republic. The wedding, attended by 100 guests, featured meticulous planning by Underwood and wedding planner Theresa Calcos. The celebration included a welcome party and a cocktail reception with a Dominican menu. Josie wore a beautiful bespoke gown, and Blair donned a stylish evening jacket for the ceremony. They exchanged handwritten vows under a rose-adorned arch.

While DJ Germán Cabello of GCStar Punta Cana provided the music along with Underwood's friend, Milo Levell, the bride and groom had their first dance to Tony Terry’s song “With You”—performed live by the singer as a surprise to Hart—before fireworks lit up the night sky. Underwood and Hart, who knew each other for 43 years and began dating after their divorces, described the day as magical and beyond their expectations, celebrating their strong connection and the next step in their lives together.

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