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The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2016, According to Wedding Planners

What's hot (and what's not) in the wide world of weddings this year? We turned to the peeps that basically live and breathe the industry day in, day out to find out! Here are the wedding trends you'll definitely be seeing a whole lot more of in 2016, courtesy of the best darn planners in the business. Which, if any, will you be copying for your big day?

All Bright Everything Bye-bye blush, hello color! This year, Blake Bush, associate wedding planner and event designer at Pure Luxe Bride, predicts there will be an even bigger shift from the popular neutral blush palette to bold, rich hues. "Think bright colors incorporated into florals with a more organic feel and hand-tied bouquets with hot pink, yellow and warm oranges that seriously stand out!"

Freshly Picked Flowers According to event planners and founders of Swoon California, Jennifer Arrreguin and Natasha Burton, florals for 2016 are more organic, focusing on that farm-to-table vibe that's already huge in the food scene. "Rather than having the 'it' flower, couples will go for whatever is in-season and local, opting for free form bouquetsand centerpieces that showcase blooms just how nature made them." Also, including lots of greenery and herbs will be big, they say. "This look goes great with woodsy elements, like oak escort cards with names burned into them in cursive." Family Style Receptions With couples craving a "homier" feel to their wedding dinners, you can expect family style receptions to continue to grow in popularity, points out wedding planner Sandy Malone, owner of Weddings in Vieques. "Unfortunately, this does limit your table décor options, as there's not much space left with platters of food hogging the center of the table and passing platters can be unwieldy for guests is fancy dresses," she warns. Chef stations are a great alternative for foodie brides and grooms that want a more relaxed vibe without assigned seating though.

Personalization Beyond Pinterest Rather than looking to Pinterest for inspiration and then using those exact ideas and images for their weddings, couples will increasingly get initial thoughts from sites and blogs but then really make their days their own, anticipate Arreguin and Burton. "The focus will be less on carrying out more generic bespoke details and trying to wow guests in totally new ways." Thank goodness, right!?

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Home Cooked Favors Because who can say no to something sweet and decadent to help

nurse that post-wedding hangover? Home cooked favors are a wonderful way to bring something special and personal to your big day, notes celebrity wedding planner Donnie Brown of Donnie Brown Weddings and Events. "Have your favorite bakery (or your grandma) whip up personal-sized pecan pies, miniature bundt cakes or fruit tarts to treat your guests at the end of the night." Jars of homemade jam are always appreciated too!

A Whole Lot of Sparkle From table linens to bridesmaid dresses, metallics and sequins are back in a big way, tells Brown. "The hottest aisles are going to be blinded by the mirror ball reflections as the wedding party wafts past the guests. And then at the reception, you'll see similar textures on the cake table, the guest table linens and even some of the wall treatments." Think old Hollywood glam meets modern day glitz.

Mixing Modern, Vintage, & Farm Basically, a sea of style and textures! "For example, imagine a whitewashed farm table with vintage seating, contemporary, geometrically designed centerpieces and a glamorous, crystal dripping chandelier," says Brown. All the components that shouldn't work together but actually do in perfect harmony are sure to be huge this year.

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