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Civil or Symbolic Wedding? Which is the best for a destination wedding?

I’ve decided to take a few minutes today to address a question that most new destination wedding couples ask as they begin planning their BIG day. Which is better, a symbolic vs civil ceremony?

I wish that I had an easy, straightforward answer to the symbolic vs civil ceremony question but unfortunately I just don’t. Your budget, time frame, and most of all your preferences will determine which is the best option for your destination wedding ceremony.

Not exactly sure the what the differences of symbolic vs civil ceremony are?? A civil ceremony is legal, in that the marriage is officially recognized by the government. A symbolic ceremony is NOT a legally recognized marriage, instead it’s essentially a commitment service.

So, why is this question such a big deal? Because every country has their own legal requirements for marriage. Some destinations are easier to tie the knot and others are not! Depending on the country you may be required to provide blood tests, have documents translated into their native language, and other costly legal expenses.

For some this can mean the difference between being legally married during your destination wedding ceremony and celebrating your “official” marriage at a later date and time.

Some of the easiest countries for destination weddings are Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Antigua, and Belize.

Mexico and Dominican Republic are among the most difficult countries to tie the knot.

I always advise couples to consider what type of service they prefer prior to choosing a destination and resort.

If you’re comfortable with a symbolic ceremony at your destination wedding then your options are wide open. But if the thought of a “fake” wedding is not appealing to you know the legal requirements before you start sending out invites!!

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