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Bridesmaids: Complete Guide

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Choosing the Bridesmaids for your wedding or if you have been chosen as a bridesmaid surely you have some doubts like what does it mean to be a bridesmaid? How many bridesmaids can a bride have? How do they help the bride? Here you will find an answer to all your questions.

What are bridesmaids?

The bridesmaids are the group of women who accompany the bride in the ceremony and are a great support during the organization of the wedding. They generally help the bride in some activities such as the bachelorette party, search the wedding dress, the confirmation of the guests, among many others, but their main function is to be with the bride on her big day and be the best allies for may the wedding be wonderful.

How many bridesmaids should be chosen for the wedding?

The bride chooses who will accompany her on her big day and the number of bridesmaids is whatever she wants, regardless of whether it is an odd or even number. They are usually friends or family.

To brides who are deciding how many ladies to choose, remember that the greater the number of bridesmaids you choose, the greater the number of opinions that must be agreed. So we recommend you keep a low number, however, it does not matter the number, but the women who are important in your life accompany you.

Can you choose bridesmaids who are already married?

It is tradition to choose single ladies, but this is not a rule. The bride will choose the people who are special to her and women who are already married can participate in this group.

What do the bridesmaids do at the wedding?

The bridesmaids only accompany the bride during the ceremony. However, if they wish, they can also support the bride and groom with various tasks on the wedding day and even earlier by getting involved in the organization of the wedding.

Duties of the bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids attend the ceremony accompanying the bride to support her in everything, but they can help with the planning of the wedding.

Some functions they can perform are:

- Help with the invitations: to label them, to stick the envelopes, stamps or to deliver them. You can plan an informal meeting for this, with music and snacks, it will be very helpful and a nice touch is to make the bride relax.

- Organize the bachelorette party.

- Assist with guest RSVPs.

- Offer to pass out party favors and party supplies.

- They can host the wedding and help the bride and groom by indicating to the guests where to sit, where to put the gifts, inviting them to write in the signature book.

- Create atmosphere at the party, getting up first to dance, taking the guests out to dance and even organizing a choreography.

- Stay until the end of the party to collect the forgotten things.

What does the Maid of Honor do?

This person who has been chosen to lead the others, who can be distinguished as the main bridesmaid, is one of the most important supports of the bride.

Being a person so close to the bride and with all her trust, she becomes her confidant of all the issues that overwhelm her.

Coordinate the other bridesmaids, making sure that all attend the dress fittings and that all have the right shoes and accessories for the wedding day look.

Make a list with the contact information of all the bridesmaids: email and telephone.

Send reminders to the ladies about any event, such as the bridesmaid dress fittings or the bridal shower, providing them with the necessary information.

Accompany the bride to look for her wedding dress and to the dress tests.

Be the hostess of the bride's bachelorette party.

Make sure the bride's makeup and veil are perfect just before entering the ceremony.

Verify that the bride looks incredible throughout the wedding, and if necessary, help her with makeup or whatever she requires.

How should the Bridesmaids be dressed on the wedding day?

It is the bride who chooses the style that she would like the ladies to wear.

Usually this choice goes according to the wedding style. It is important that the bride and the bridesmaids talk to reach an agreement and that all feel comfortable with the choice.

Ideally, there is a harmony between the dresses of all the ladies. It may be that they all wear the same model and color, or that each one wears the model that best suits them. Or they can choose different colors following a similar color.

Who pays for the bridesmaids' dresses?

The bridesmaids pay the expenses of their own dress, shoes and accessories, in addition to makeup and hairstyle.

If you have the honor of being a bridemaid of a friend:

- Have fun to the fullest. It is a unique experience.

- Remember to offer your help to the bride and groom because they will always appreciate extra hands.

- On the wedding day, stay with all the energy. Send good vibes to all the guests and get involved in the party.

- Make a small gift for the bride and groom, as a token of appreciation because they have considered you so special as to participate more intimately with them on their wedding day.

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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