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How to ORGANIZE a WEDDING? Where to begin?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

You said YES! The dream we all have has come true, the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life has given you the engagement ring, but what's next?

Where to start organizing a wedding, what goes first? Don't worry, it's normal to feel like this, nobody was born knowing how to organize a wedding.

First of all, it is essential that you and your fiancé make a great team and everything will be perfect.

Where to start?

- Set a Budget

The future bride and groom must agree on how much they will spend for the event and it is advisable to keep a record. It is always important to talk about real numbers, spend the money that is already safe.

- Settle down date and approximate number of guests

It is very important to define the wedding date from the beginning. Currently, due to the pandemic it may be necessary to change the date at some point but having a date in mind will help you to be able to plan in advance and avoid unforeseen events.

Also, the number of guests is an important piece of information in order to adjust your budget and consider whether the place you chose has the capacity to serve your guests.

- Choose the best place

If you have already read some of our previous blogs you will realize that we love beach weddings!

But whether on a beach or in some other place, it is important that you set aside the place of your dreams in advance, since there are dates when it is necessary to set aside up to a year in advance.

- Wedding dress and accessories

Some wedding dress stores it takes 3 to 6 months to have your dress ready, so we recommend that you start the search 6 months before so you will have the opportunity to choose what you really like and not what is available.

- Wedding vendors

Choosing the right vendors will make your event go the way you want it.

Look for wedding vendors that adapt to your tastes and share the same vision as you, that will help to adapt your budget and always try to review their previous work and reviews of other brides, this will help you go safely.

- Decoration and color palette

One of the most important points of a wedding is the decoration.

Maybe you choose a simple style, rustic or something more modern with led light dance floor to illuminate the whole party. This point is something that you should not miss for quotes.

- Event logistics

Many brides use a wedding planner, which is an excellent option.

Set times; how long you want dinner to last, what will happen first, what time the dance starts, etc.

Imagine the whole wedding and plan the times. We recommend delegating some activities since you will not have the head to do everything!

When is the best time to start organizing it?

The sooner the better. This will give you greater security, avoid unforeseen events on the big day, help you stay within budget and your resources will perform at their best.

Last but not least…

Don't forget the music!

Let us be part of the most unforgettable day of your life, with the best Djs in Punta Cana

By Veronica Rodriguez


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