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What Type of Beach Destination Bride Are You? Take Our Fun Quiz to Find Out! 😎

Are you dreaming of a romantic beach destination wedding? The sun, the sand, and the surf can create the perfect backdrop for your special day. But with so many options, each offering a unique experience, it can be challenging to decide which beach destination style suits you best. Fear not, dear bride-to-be, as we have designed a fun quiz to help you discover the type of destination bride you are! So grab a margarita, sit back, and let's dive in!


Below are a series of questions. Answer each one honestly based on your preferences and personality. Keep track of your answers, and at the end, we'll reveal which beach destination bride perfectly aligns with your style!


What is your ideal wedding gown style?

a) Flowy and bohemian with lace details

b) Classic and elegant with a long train

c) Simple and comfortable with a hint of sparkle

Which color scheme appeals to you the most?

a) Soft pastels and neutrals

b) Vibrant tropical colors

c) Crisp whites and metallic accents

What's your dream beach destination?

a) A secluded tropical island with palm trees

b) A lively beach resort with plenty of activities

c) A serene and picturesque beach cove

What type of wedding bouquet would you prefer?

a) Wildflowers and greenery

b) Orchids and hibiscus blooms

c) Roses and lilies

How do you envision your beach wedding ceremony?

a) Intimate with only close family and friends

b) Grand and extravagant with a large guest list

c) Romantic and private with just you and your partner

What's your go-to beach activity?

a) Sunbathing and reading a good book

b) Snorkeling and exploring marine life

c) Building sandcastles and beach games

Which beach-inspired wedding favor do you like the most?

a) Handmade seashell candles

b) Personalized beach towels

c) Mini bottles of beach-themed fragrance

How would you like to style your beach wedding hair?

a) Loose beach waves with a flower crown

b) Sleek and elegant updo with a hairpin

c) Half-up, half-down with a delicate headband


Mostly A's: Bohemian Beach Goddess

You are a free-spirited and bohemian bride who loves the idea of a laid-back beach wedding. Your style is all about flowy dresses, natural elements, and embracing the beauty of the beach's surroundings. You value intimacy and close connections with your loved ones.

Mostly B's: Tropical Beach Diva

You are an adventurous and energetic bride who wants to make a splash with your beach destination wedding. Your vibrant personality matches the colorful and lively atmosphere of a tropical beach. Your wedding will be a grand celebration with plenty of activities and excitement.

Mostly C's: Classic Beach Elegance

You are a timeless and sophisticated bride who envisions a classic beach wedding. Your style is refined, and you appreciate the simplicity and elegance of a beach ceremony. Your wedding will be an intimate and romantic affair, focused on the love between you and your partner.

Discovering your destination bride type can help you plan the perfect wedding that reflects your personality and style. Whether you're a bohemian goddess, a tropical diva, or a classic elegance enthusiast, your beach wedding is sure to be a memorable and cherished event. Embrace the beauty of the beach and create memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations on your upcoming beach wedding!

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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