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2023 Destination Wedding Trends 🏝️

There's no denying that 2022 was a historic year for weddings. The predicted wedding boom took place and millions of celebrations were hosted around the globe. After two years of downsized or delayed nuptials, weddings came back in full force and felt more intentional than ever before.

In the age of revenge travel and bucket list getaways, couples are increasingly selecting destinations and accompanying experiences for their upcoming destination weddings. With chosen loved ones traveling far and wide to celebrate, the overarching theme of destination wedding trends in 2023 is based off new patterns of thinking, emerging aesthetics and prioritizing convenience for guests.

2023 wedding trends are all about re-inventing the wedding to have a personalized experience for everybody.

Bridesmaids dresses in different shapes and colors will go a step further.

The current popular trend is for bridesmaids to wear the same color dress in their chosen cut and style.

In 2023, bridesmaids will be given a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing their dresses. Recently, there are a lot more bridal parties with mismatched colors, patterns, styles, etc.

This trend creates a more chic aesthetic. It also allows your bridesmaids to show off their personalities.

Natural-looking photos are all the rage.

Just like most things in the wedding world, photography styles are heavily influenced by trends.

The latest era of wedding photography is all about candids and natural light. Typically described as editorial or documentary photography, this style nixes poses and focuses on imperfections.

Couples are no longer concerned about everything looking perfect and are focusing more on having their photographers capture the day with minimal direction or interruptions.

Colorful weddings could be back.

For the past few years, the wedding industry has been privy to the minimalist aesthetic. A lot of wedding designs recently have been black and white, modern, and simple.

Although we know that elegant and simple is a good theme for a wedding, we are excited to see colors make a comeback in the wedding industry. In 2023, we will see a lot more color in couples' wedding designs, with a shift towards a more extravagant aesthetic.

Disposable cameras: will be a huge trend in 2023.

What was once old is new again. Decades ago, it was popular for couples to leave a disposable camera on each table at the wedding for guests to capture pictures.

Leaving a disposable camera at each table is a unique and fun touch for your guests.

This way you can also get the feeling of how your guests enjoyed the party and maybe you will be aware of fun and unique moments that you may have missed.

TikTok a source of inspiration and ideas.

TikTok has seeped its way deep into the wedding industry and is changing the way couples plan their big day.

In 2023, we will see more and more people using the platform to find their wedding vendors, look for inspiration, and share tips and tricks with fellow brides.

We will see TikTok trends dominate everything this year, from the songs that play to the table settings and everything in between.

We invite you to visit our TikTok account GCStar Punta Cana where you can find tips for future brides, ideas for planning destination weddings and some videos about our events.

Statement Aisles

The grandeur of a long aisle sets the tone for an elegant and memorable ceremony. Brides are also opting to walk down the aisle solo before being greeted halfway by their mother or father or both, adding a heartfelt and personal touch to the ceremony.

Alternate Entertainment

As the focus shifts more to guest experience, entertainment is going to be huge with couples looking for unconventional entertainment that allows them to express themselves in their own way.

Different kinds of “performances” which maintain our attention without any blinking at all. Such as people dancing with fire – we can see them at the entrance of the recepción, during cocktail time, or during dinner time.

One of the most trent shows in the Dominican Republic is La Hora Loca. There are different themes such as the Dominican or Brazilian carnival that give a unique touch to weddings. These will definitely get your guests dancing. Ask about our show options, you will not regret giving this touch to your celebration.

Colors, fun, extravagance... that's what we'll see this 2023 at weddings.

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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