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5 Mistakes that every bride should AVOID before their WEDDING DAY

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Being the bride is not an easy role, having to review every detail of the big day hoping that everything goes perfectly, the banquet, the music, the ceremony... But most of the time, we forget about ourselves!

That's why here we leave you a list of some common mistakes that brides make at weddings, so you can avoid them.

Mistake # 1 Yellow teeth

This is the most common mistake!

Brides forget to visit the dentist before the wedding. Remember that you will be smiling all the time and you will be the target for thousands of photographs. Don't neglect this great little detail.

It is important to schedule an appointment with the dentist in advance in case you require a whitening treatment, go two or three months in advance so that you have time to recover since this type of treatment leaves the teeth very sensitive.

Mistake # 2 Uncomfortable shoes

Wearing uncomfortable shoes all day is a big mistake! Remember to use them long before. Use them for a while at home and get used to walking with them.

Also consider more comfortable shoes as a second pair, we recommend that they be high so that your dress does not drag.

Mistake # 3 Tight dress

A wedding dress that is too tight can cause you discomfort such as dizziness or nausea. It can also cause damage to your skin. It is very important that when you choose your dress and when you make the final adjustments, make sure it is comfortable.

You must take care that you can breathe normally and that you do not feel any discomfort after using it for a while.

Mistake #4 Not eating well

It is very common for brides to want take care of themselves, especially the days closest to the wedding.

It may also be that due to your nerves and rush you start to skip meals without realizing it. You must be aware of your diet, especially the days before the wedding. If you don't, you risk a breakdown on your wedding day that can ruin your special day.

Also try to stay hydrated. Drinking water will help your lips and skin look hydrated and radiant.

On the wedding day, drink small amounts of water but do it several times during the day, this to avoid headaches or dizziness.

Mistake # 5 Sleeping poorly before the wedding

It is a terrible mistake to sleep badly in the days before the wedding. Sleeping poorly will make you feel more anxious and stressed, you will be moody, you will not think clearly, and it will show on your face.

Poor sleep will make your wedding day have marked dark circles, your skin will look lifeless, your face will be swollen and your eyes will look smaller. You will feel tired and you will look tired.

Try to sleep as long as you can before the wedding, this to look radiant on that special day.

Follow these tips so that that special day you look beautiful and you can enjoy it in a big way.

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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