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Beach wedding: HOW TO DRESS?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

How romantic are weddings on the beach! With the sand and the sea as companions, many people have dreamed of this location for the happiest day of their life.

However, the first thought of the guests is What will I wear? It often happens, although the invitation specifies the dress code, many are not clear about what it implies and the doubt becomes a headache.

Here we leave you a little guide on what you could wear for a beach wedding.

For women

There are two golden rules that must be followed: it is forbidden to wear white or black, unless the invitation specifically asks for it. Remember that white is reserved for the bride and black is related to the non-approval of the marriage.

Be careful not to look like a beach informal dress, go for silks, linens, chiffon or chails. Also keep in mind that the hairstyle must be comfortable and resistant to wind or humidity.

Rigorous formal

This label only applies to evening weddings. In this case, the guests should wear a long, elegant dress and you can add a little sparkle. Be careful not to abuse the sparkles, since in this space it is not highly recommended.


Formal day dress means you can wear fresh fabrics and go for subtle colors and prints or a ¾-cut or below-the-knee dress.

Cocktail or semi-formal

If the event is during the day, then we recommend wearing a short party dress in light colors or with prints and do not have a lot of sparkle.

The shoes

Depending on where the wedding is, you should choose what shoes to wear. If it is in a closed place, you can use shoes with thin or thick heels. If it is on the shore of the beach, you should forget about the thin heel if you do not want to suffer with each step you take.

There are also other options such as chunky-heeled sandals or you can even wear flat sandals made of formal materials and designs.

For men

We recommend you be careful with the fabrics and colors, so the weather does not become your worst enemy. Remember that light colors help you feel cooler and depending on the time of day it can be more or less hot, so you must be prepared.

The most recommended fabrics for these events are linen, cotton, and silk. Depending on the event you can choose the shoes; For more informal weddings choose slip-on leather or canvas sandals and for formal weddings choose classic lace-up shoes.

Rigorous formal

This code of etiquette only applies to weddings at night and if specified in the invitation. In this case, you can choose between a tuxedo, a tailcoat or a Spencer, as you prefer. You will surely steal glances!


If the wedding is during the day, you must wear a light suit but with a tie. You can even wear a morning suit if you want to look more formal. If the union is at night, classic and dark suits are usually used.

Cocktail or semi-formal

During the day, you can wear a light suit in fabrics such as linen. In this case it is not necessary to wear a tie, which will make you feel cooler. If it is at night, you can wear classic dark-colored suits (except black) and without a tie.


Buying wedding dresses for beach weddings decreases the number of options to try on. Remember that you are probably walking down a sandy corridor, so it is important that you choose something comfortable and easy to walk on. A fitted mermaid dress or pearl dress could be heavy. Also try not to choose a dress with many layers of tulle, since these could be filled with sand. Simple accessories and a touch of lace will add elegance to your dress. Many brides opt for strappy sandals, simple platform slippers, or espadrilles.

A beach wedding is perfect for a fresh and lively look. Use your imagination and follow these tips to shine!

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