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Bridezilla: have you become one?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Surely you have heard this word before and maybe you still don't know what it means, but what is certain is that all of us at some point in our wedding preparations have become them.

The term bridezilla comes from the combination of the word bride and Godzilla (yes, the monster from the movie). It is normally used to describe the somewhat neurotic behavior that some brides may present during the organization of their wedding, even affecting their relationships with friends, family and even their partner.

A bridezilla will easily lose control, especially if things don't go the way they want, no matter how big or small a problema is. Did a vendor cancel within days of the wedding? One of the uncles wants to invite distant relatives and now the tables need to be modified? A bridezilla will scream and despair as if it were the end of the world.

What are the signs that you are becoming one of them?

1. You are not enjoying the planning

Believe me when we say that the best thing about your wedding is going to the planning process, the wedding goes by very quickly and suffering in the process will not make you enjoy the big day. You will be so worried that everything will be perfect that you will miss the moment.

2. You do not allow anyone to give their opinion

The wedding is not only yours, remember that in order to carry out a wedding you need two. Contemplate the opinion of your partner, it is not about delegating all the work or decisions, but this is their first project as a couple, their opinion has the same value as yours.

3. Compare the wedding

You are more concerned with what other brides are doing than creating the wedding of your dreams. Remember that everyone has their own ideas, dreams and illusions. Don't focus on what other brides are doing, enjoy your own path and stop wasting energy on the path of other brides.

4. You don't have time for anything that has nothing to do with the wedding

Your boyfriend wants to see a movie and you get mad because he didn't give you the guest list. First of all you are a couple, never forget it, don’t stop spending time with him or your friends for prioritizing the wedding all the time. It's also good to take a break from wedding planning. Clear your mind, this will help you come up with better ideas.

5. You call to your wedding planner 10 times a day

You hired a planner but you verify that she is working on your event 24/7, you call each provider that quotes you to check that the quote they sent is correct and you practically double-check everything they send you and then ask her if she already has it checked carrefully. Trust the person you chose to take care of your wedding, we assure you that they have more experience than you and will know how to guide you through this process. Your planner is your ally, do not saturate her with calls all day.

6. You want to control everything

Controlfreak is not enough for you, you have created a minute by minute to organize your day, you even know when you should go to the restroom and you have calculated the amount of water to drink so as not to move the times. Keep in mind that when you try to be in control of everything there will be things that will not be in your hands to control or modify, so better embrace what your wedding brings with it and the process of planning it.

7. You have driven everyone away with your bad mood

Your friends no longer answer you because whenever they talk you end up angry because of something they say to you, besides your mother is already saturated with complaints, nobody understands you. The reality is that sometimes we feel that no one understands us but you should know that it is only your feeling and if you open up with those you love and tell them how you feel, they will surely understand you and help you lower your stress levels.

8. You dream that your wedding is a disaster

Every Bridezilla has the constant nightmare that her wedding is a disaster and something catastrophic always happens. If you're already having these dreams, stop for a bit and put the wedding aside. Try to relax and do something else that has nothing to do with the wedding.

Have you identified with any of these situations? Give yourself a break and don't be a Bridezilla. Try to relax and leave the details of your wedding in expert hands. Remember that not everything can be perfect, but the important thing is that you enjoy the most important day of your life.

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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