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How to find the PERFECT wedding dress?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Whether you've been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were five and know the exact specifications you want for it down to the last sequin. Can you imagine walking down the aisle in a dress like Cinderella? We've got you covered on how to choose a wedding dress.

Finding your dream wedding dress can be stressful. After all, you've likely never tried one on before so it can feel like the pressure is definitely on while wedding dress shopping. It may also feel like there's a whole new language to decode—tulle, A-line, fit-and-flare, organza, sheath, etc. Not to mention, more brides are doing multiple dresses—a more formal one for the ceremony and a party-centric one for the reception—which can make shopping even more stressful. Here are some tips to choose the perfect dress for you!

Be prepared.

Trying on a wedding dress isn’t like shopping for a new pair of jeans. A bridal shop purchases select styles by designers in a range of sizes, meaning every dress will fit differently – some small, some big. And, every designer’s size chart is a bit different than the next.

Rip pages out of magazines, click through bridal boutiques online, explore on Pinterest, and check out what celebrity brides are wearing to compile a visual file of your favorite dresses.

The stylist will help you in and out of these dresses so you can best visualize what it will look like in your size. Also, be sure to bring a comfortable set of heels that are similar in heel height to the ones you anticipate wearing on your wedding day.

And most important be prepared to commit if your natural instincts tell you you’ve found the gown. Some brides get the jittery, magic feeling you see portrayed in movies and on TV, while others just feel great.

Both are great indications that you’ve found your dress – even if it’s from the first shop you have visited.

Avoid: Too many people, too many shops, too many dresses.

Yes, you love your mom, sister, maid of honor, and six bridesmaids—but if you've ever tried to get a crowd to agree on where to go for dinner, you can only imagine how hard it will be to find consensus on a gown.

Wedding dress shopping is such an exciting time for a bride and the ones closest to her. In full transparency, it’s not uncommon for brides to succumb to the overwhelming opinions of others during the entire wedding planning process.

Narrow the group down to the two or three people whose opinions matter most to you.

If you truly feel beautiful in a gown, whether it is the first one or the 20th you’ve tried, listen to your instincts. You’re less likely to doubt the decision if it is completely your own, rather than if it is based on someone else’s view of the gown.

Try to visit a maximum of 3 stores, we do know that this can be a challenge, but it will help you not feel overwhelmed.

Always keep an open mind.

This last piece of advice is simple but for many brides it is the most difficult.

If what you had in mind does not convince you, it may be time to give your stylist the opportunity to present you some other styles that may go more with you, remember that he or she is the expert. They constantly see women come in with a set idea of what they want for a gown, then try it on and don't actually love it—and instead, fall for something completely different they'd never considered. You may find your dream dress that you didn't know would be your dream dress.

Extra Tip: If you're flying to your wedding destination, look into airline regulations beforehand. You don't want to fall in love with a ball gown style dress, only to have it exceed airport size specifications come travel time.

Do not forget to consider the following points when choosing your gown.

1. Season

If your wedding will take place in the summer, it is important that you consider the type of fabric of your dress, you do not want to be sweating the entire reception and your makeup falling off. Remember that one of the most important things is that you feel comfortable and you can enjoy the dance floor.

2. Location

If you have decided to have a destination wedding, it is important that you consider whether it will take place in a salon or on the beach. A long-sleeve dress with a cathedral train will not fare well in a beach wedding.

3. Wedding style

Will it be held indoors or outdoors? Is it going to be an intimate or grand reception? Questions like these play a great deal in determining the kind of dress you should wear. It's your wedding day and you have the right to wear anything you want, but we're sure you agree that a dramatic ball gown won't fit in an intimate restaurant reception.

4. Budget

Financial limitations play another important role. An extravagant wedding dress with hand-embroidered beads and crystals won't be cheap. If your budget is not very large, focus on options that can be adjusted.

5. Body type

Last but not least is your body type. A mermaid-style dress might look flawless on your favorite celebrity, but it might not fit your figure or make you feel comfortable. The most important thing is that you feel and look amazing on the most important day of your life, that is why it is important that you look for a dress with a shape that fits your body and that makes you feel comfortable, remember that you are going to dance and be on the go all night.

We hope these tips help make your dress search less frustrating and make it a time to enjoy and celebrate.

Imagine being on the dance floor with your new husband, wearing that spectacular dress, listening to the song that tells your story in the background. We can help you make that moment a unique memory.

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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