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Is your wedding coming up and you don't know what COVID-19 restrictions are currently in the Dominic

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Is your wedding date approaching and are you worried about how to deal with COVID-19 restrictions in the Dominican Republic?

Or are you invited to a wedding to be held in this country and would you like to know what to do? Here we solve your doubts.

Undoubtedly the Covid-19 pandemic has reformulated the international tourism sector, in the case of the Dominican Republic, which offers a wide variety of beaches, mountains and a colonial city, the destination has implemented standards that aim to provide security to travelers.

The Dominican Republic is one of the favorite Caribbean destinations of many tourists. What do you need to know to travel to the Dominican Caribbean on these dates?

The first thing you should know is that both, ports and airports are making rapid breath tests on all travelers who show symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and, randomly, between 3 and 15% of all travelers arriving in the country. Now, if you present the documentation that proves that you are vaccinated with the second dose or a negative PCR performed in the 72 hours prior to the trip, you will be exempt from this rapid breath test. Passengers under the age of five and crew members are exempt from this procedure. All passengers must carry out a temperature control.

Both, upon arrival and when leaving the country, you must fill out an electronic form (e-ticket) and keep the QR codes that the application returns to you once you have filled out the form both upon arrival in the country and when leaving.

Once in the country, you will be a beneficiary of a free medical coverage plan for those who arrive in the country on commercial flights or who stay in their hotels, the coverage is temporary (for the time of stay in the country) and at no cost to the traveler.

Current restrictions? The basics: a safety distance of 2 meters and use of a mouth guard in public spaces.

In summary: if you are vaccinated be sure to bring the documentation that proves it, a box of masks so that you do not miss them and enjoy the Dominican Caribbean! ; If you are not vaccinated, do not complicate yourself and carry out a PCR test 72 hours before the trip and save yourself additional tests in destinations, if you travel with teenagers without vaccinating our recommendation is the same.

Definitely the situation due to COVID-19 has left us all learning and has taught us to live in a new way.

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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