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PACKED Dance Floor All night 🕺 💃. How to make the PERFECT playlist for your wedding reception.

More than just another item on the to-do list, perfecting the playlist for your special day can be a fun project—combining both you and your partner’s music library to add a distinct personal touch. The music played on your special day is what truly sets the tone of the celebration.

The key to a fun wedding reception is a full dancefloor, and the key to keeping your guests dancing is to curate the perfect playlist. You should have a list of non-negotiable songs to set the tone.

How do you make the perfect playlist for your wedding? Here are some tips to achieve it.

A varied playlist

You’re hosting a lot of different people for your wedding reception, from your grandparents to your college friends. So, it only makes sense that you cater to a broad range with your music choices. Include a little bit of every genre: pop, rock, rap, country, and everything in between. Also, think generationally. Include new popular songs but mix some timeless classics in as well to keep your older guests interested.

Between two is easier

An essential tip is for you and your partner to create a playlist with your favorite songs and the songs you would like to hear at your wedding. Currently there are different apps that can help you with Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.

Remember for the best result, the ideal is that you and your partner share your favorite songs, this will give a unique touch to the party, so no matter how disparate you and your partner’s musical tastes are, the playlist should be an equal amalgamation of your songs—think of it as a sign of how compatible you are despite your differences!

Once you have it, you can send it to your DJ and you will have your own personalized playlist and the DJ will play exactly what you expect on your big day.

Suggestions welcome

If you really want to cater to your guests, allow song requests at your event. Not only will this allow guests to feel involved in your reception, but you might also be surprised by some of their choices. Hopefully in a good way, but if not, that’s what the “Do Not Play” list is for, which we will get into later.

Many brides and grooms decide to create a shared playlist, where they give access to their guests and they can include some songs that are suitable for the wedding. Maybe they can include songs that you didn't remember and you love. Always remember to review this list so that it doesn’t include songs that you do not like.

One slow song for every five fast

The perfect playlist is a balanced one: one that will have you shaking and shouting one second, and slow dancing the next. The accepted rule is to play one slow song for every five fast ones. While you want your guests to have fun, your wedding day is an emotional day to celebrate love. Include those softer, romantic songs to slow dance with your new spouse.

Timing is everything

Consider the feeling you want to elicit at different times throughout the event and tailor your tracklist to that schedule. After setting the scene with the prelude music, you will probably want to pick the energy up a little bit as guests are transitioning to the reception hall. Keep some more of the slower tracks during the food service so people know it’s time to sit and wind down and keep the dance-floor fillers for after the meal when guests will have replenished their dancing energy.

The wedding will naturally go through waves of energy and respite, so it’s important to give guests some auditory cues to follow along with and keep everyone on pace with the event. Keep a few high-energy songs together in clusters-your guests will want to dance to more than just one song after all!- but don’t forget to break them up with other tempos so people can have breaks to replenish their drinks and take a breather.

Songs with meaning

For those traditional dances between the bride and groom or the father and bride, choose songs with deeper meaning that remind you of the person you’ll be dancing with. Discuss potential options with your partner to see if he have any sentimental songs to incorporate into your wedding.

Consider giving out some fun cues when you set the scene through your prelude playlist. For example, the destination wedding in Punta Cana can include songs by Juan Luis Guerra, Romeo Santos and Milly Quezada to make the guests feel within the atmosphere of the place. They may not understand the lyrics, but the feelings behind the music are universal.

Don't be ashamed of the songs you like

There’s often a very good reason that some songs become wedding cliches, and that's because they still get everyone on the floor no matter how hard they’re cringing! Half the fun of the Macarena and the Cotton-Eyed Joe is that no one looks good doing it, so the whole party gets a good laugh. Even if Bruno Mars’s “Marry You” or John Legend’s “All of Me” feels a little too on the nose, they’ll at least give you a break while the other couples have a dance of their own to enjoy.

It’s your day and it’s all about you, and you’re never going to please everyone anyway. Though you might be embarrassed over the pop-punk tracks you and your partner bonded over years ago or you don’t want to scare your in-laws with your hidden penchant for death metal, make sure to keep the playlist personal and unadulterated to whatever you and your love desire.

Check the charts

If you don’t have any songs in mind, there is no shame in taking your search to the charts. While you want your playlist to be unique and hold meaning to you, sometimes songs are the most popular choice for a reason. Look up what songs people use most commonly for weddings and what the best songs to dance to are so you can add them to the list.

You can also ask your DJ for some recommendations, remember that he is the expert and can give you some suggestions for specific moments. He is aware of the music that is playing everywhere and the most appropriate songs for Father – Daughter dance or cutting the cake. Maintaining a close relationship with your DJ will make you feel more comfortable and with the security that you will lisen what you want to lisen.

Make a Do Not play list

Some songs just aren’t wedding appropriate. Avoid any songs with too much subjective language or that are too cynical. Create a do not play list to guide your DJ and guests in making their selections. Also, you don't want to listen to that song you hate or brings back bad memories on the most important day of your life, or maybe there's just a music genre you don't enjoy, you can add that too.

To make the music for your wedding unforgettable, it is important that you make sure you have an experienced DJ who will accompany you during the music selection process for this important day.

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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