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The ULTIMATE Wedding Welcome Bag list

If you’re wondering how to make your own wedding welcome bags, you’ve come to the right place!

Leading up to your wedding is a busy time, and if you choose to have a destination wedding, you may not get a chance to greet everyone in person before the nuptials. There are other ways to show your guests your appreciation for traveling to attend your wedding. Sending wedding welcome bags to their hotel rooms is a sweet gesture that is sure to make them smile. Not only that, but it's also a great opportunity to introduce your loved ones to the area.

Typically, welcome gift bags are given to guests at destination weddings. After spending money on flights, accommodations and precious vacation days, it's a nice way to thank them for coming and give them the low-down on the locale.

It's important to remember that welcome bags aren't just there for show. They provide a glimpse of the festivities to come—allowing you and your partner to effectively welcome your guests and highlight the most important parts of the weekend. Plus, they provide a thoughtful, personalized package of goodies.

Welcome bags allow you to get creative and to mix and match complementary items. Plus, they provide the perfect opportunity to tuck a sweet note inside letting your guests know just how thrilled you are to have them with you to celebrate. And while there are so many options out there to put together a unique welcome bag, it all boils down to finding items that both you and your partner are excited to share with your guests.

To help you out, here are some options of items you can include in your welcome bags to surprise your loved ones with.


First, you need good packaging. There are many options that you can opt for. A pretty bag, box or basket to store everything in - some couples have their own canvas tote bags printed, others source simple carrier bags and tie gift tags around the handles.

Local guides / Maps

If you have guests coming in from out of the area, pop a guide to the city in each welcome bag. Encourage your guests to enjoy their downtime by cluing them in on the area's must-sees and dos. Pop some helpful goodies like a guidebook or map into each bag. Highlight hot spots, top sites to check out and activities they shouldn't miss.


Include a little something as a snack. Guests love a little treat when they reach their hotel room after traveling. Here you could include some local product, such as typical sweets or some very typical fruit of the place.


Bottled water is almost expected these days. After a long journey to your destination (or a night of partying), guests always welcome bottles of water that have become a staple in many welcome bags. You could even take it up a notch and give them custom water bottles with your wedding logo our your names.

Hangover kit

If you're anticipating some heavy imbibing over the weekend, provide your guests with a quick cure. A hangover kit with eye drops, aspirin, and other thoughtful necessities will go a long way.

Weather essentials

Beachside weddings, destination weddings, or any other warmer locale certainly call for this welcome bag addition. Stash the essentials in your bags, such as a useful fan, mini bottles of sunscreen, after sun or bug spray.

Include your itinerary: Of course, wedding welcome bags or boxes can serve a purpose as well. It's not just all about the treats. Be sure to include a beautiful print-out of your itinerary so your guests don't miss a beat.

Welcome note

Adding a welcome note for your nearest and dearest will make your wedding bag all the more special. Pen or print a note from you and your partner, thanking your guests for their attendance.

Health and safety

No welcome bag is complete without some health and sanitation supplies! Even if there wasn't a pandemic, you would be surprised how many people will happily take free hand sanitizer or an extra face mask.

Note: Make sure favours or gifts are suitable for travelling guests to take home with them. If they won't be able to fit it in their luggage, or they won't be able to take it through security, ditch it from the list! The one exception to this rule is small food, drink and cosmetic items - your guests will likely polish them off during their trip.

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By Veronica Rodriguez

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