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Top 10 tips for a PERFECT WEDDING

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

You've finally committed to the love of your life, but what's next? Nobody tells us where to start or what to do. Relax, here we tell you the 10 most important points to plan a successful wedding.

1. I will designate a budget for my wedding.

Even if you don’t have a spending limit, it is necessary allocate how much you will spend for your party. First of all, having a budget to do the event is just part of the planning itself. This way you will know how to distribute it among all the providers and have a better control of what you use the budget for. An excellent advice is to distribute the total budget to spend in percentages.

We recommend spending 48% on food and beverages and from there you will know how much you can spend on everything else.

2. I will hire the 4 pillars of my wedding

Suppliers and services there are many but before worrying about hiring a photo booth, make sure you have the 4 pillars that will give strength to your event and whatever happens they will help you make it perfect.

It is said that without food and dancing there is no party, but we assure you that you need a place to do it and someone to support you with all the logistics.

3. I will listen to my partner's wishes

We all care to listen to the bride and her wishes, but what about the groom? Don’t forget that in order to make this marriage a reality, two people are needed so it is very important that you always take into account the opinion of your partner and especially in important decisions.

4. Organized will be my new last name

It is not necessary to be an expert in the organization but you do need to keep track. You can lean on a Wedding Planner Book, you can find different options on Amazon, they take you by the hand so you don't forget anything and some of them give you different tips that can be very useful.

5. I will send out my invitations in time

Sometimes we leave such important issues as this for last. The invitations must be delivered to the guests 4 months before, in the case of Destination Wedding and 2 months before in case your wedding takes place in the same city, to achieve this it’s important that you hire your invitation provider at least 5 months before your wedding.

6. I will look for my wedding dress in time

You must think about what that dress is going to represent for you but how to choose it?

There are 4 secrets to choosing the perfect wedding dress.

# 1 Be true to your style, based on your personality.

# 2 Age does matter, it will always be better to go according to the age and style of the event.

# 3 Place where your wedding will take place.

# 4 Date or season of the wedding.

7. I will have a previous photo session to ensure the magic of my wedding day

Having a photo session before your wedding will help you forget about stress and enjoy this magical moment with your partner and guests. Also, it is always best to do it before the heat or sweat ruin your makeup.

8. I will be true to my own style and personality.

The place and style of your wedding must be true to your personality that way it will reflect your own style, this will make your wedding unique.

9. Give yourself time to choose the music.

Music is one of the most important elements of a wedding, as it can make it a great success and all your guests have an incredible time or a failure and become the most boring event of the year. In addition, music is a way to share with your guests a bit of your personality and special moments that you have spent with your partner.

10. I will not transform into Bridezilla

If you are not enjoying planning your wedding, your bridesmaids are about to run away from you and your partner prefers to let you choose everything to avoid fights… Stop! You are becoming a Bridezilla. Trust us when we tell you that the best thing is the process of being Bride To Be, the wedding will fly by and the most important thing is the step you are about to take with your partner, so enjoy the whole process.

Repeat these 10 tips as many times as you need and live your wedding like a true dream.

And as we mentioned before, music is one of the most important elements of a wedding and for that we are here to help you. We are the best audiovisual company in Punta Cana, we have the best Dj's.

Contact us to learn about our services and packages. We assure you that your wedding will be unforgettable!

By Veronica Rodriguez


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