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Top 5: Wedding Movies for Brides

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Who is not a lover of romantic movies and even more of those that talk about the most important event of our lives. Today we share with you our 5 favorite wedding movies.

With all the stress of organizing the most important day of your life, it is not a bad idea to take time to relax and watch these movies. The idea of ​​sharing this top 5 is that you see that all brides are involved in some kind of crisis during their wedding planning and have to overcome different types of obstacles.

So we hope that by watching these movies, you can have ideas of how to overcome the obstacles you are facing, you can feel identified and you can spend some time of relaxation. Also maybe you can find some ideas for your wedding or find that song that you have been looking for so much in the soundtrack of these productions.

If you have not seen these films, here we will tell you what is the conflict that brides face and we leave you the trailer so you can decide which one to watch first.

#1 Bride Wars

Conflict: Two best friends dream of getting engaged at the same time and when their dream comes true they face the unexpected problem of having their wedding date scheduled for the same day in the same place.

Her dream turns into a nightmare, we assure you an afternoon of laughter, surprises and we bet that you will want to talk to your best friend after seeing this film.

The Good: See the entire wedding planning process. Seeing two girlfriends live it differently and also see what worries them, makes us imagine everything that you may be going through.

The bad: The main conflict. Although we know that without the conflict there would be no movie, if a case like this happened in real life, it would be the venue that would have to solve it.

#2 The Vow

What we love about this movie is that it is based on a true story!

Conflict: After his wife awakens from a coma with amnesia, a man tries his best to get her to regain her memory and regain their relationship.

The good: The conflict is on both sides. We all love to see that he is the one who must get his wife back. But one of the things that we like the most is the wedding, ideal for current couples who cannot have a gigantic party.

#3 27 Dresses

Conflict: A young woman who has always been a bridemaid suffers from her sister's wedding, who is about to marry the man she has always secretly loved.

The Good: Someone who has been a bridemaid 27 times? Imagine attending 27 weddings, how incredible! With this film many of us can feel identified, always being the one who cares about others and we stop seeing for ourselves. But in the end the protagonist decides that it is time to take action on the matter and take care of herself.

The Bad: What the protagonist does to her sister at the rehearsal dinner, we believe that every bride deserves a dream wedding and no one should interfere with that. Don’t miss this movie that will make you laugh.

#4 My Best Friend’s Wedding

A classic of wedding movies!

Conflict: Julianne realizes that she is in love with her best friend the day he decides to marry another woman and in three days, decides to prepare a strategy to avoid the wedding.

The good: The transformation of Cameron Diaz's character and how she is willing to do anything for love. We think that a relationship is a commitment in which both must make adjustments to get a team, it is called adaptability.

The bad: Seeing the girlfriend suffer so much. In addition to wanting to make the protagonist become her best friend because she has never had one, she must face that she wants to take away the love of her life. We insist that a wedding should be the most important day for a bride and no one should attempt against this.

#5 The proposal

Conflict: A famous editor from New York is about to be deported to Canada. To avoid this, she lies about being engaged to her assistant. He agrees to participate in the charade but with certain conditions.

The good: How they have the opportunity to meet under other circumstances and this is what transforms their relationship. With the situation that we are going through worldwide, the confinement has forced us to live another couple dynamics, put the interests of the other before our own and think a lot about others.

The bad: The protagonist makes many impromptu decisions to react to the provocations of his family. It happens to many couples, the comments or opinions of their family and friends significantly influence their reactions or decisions and in the end, this generates a conflict in the relationship.

So now you know, you have the task of watching these movies to seek inspiration and make your wedding the event of the year.

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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