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Why a Resort is THE BEST OPTION as your wedding venue

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

In a wedding you have to make lots of decisions: what kind of invitations, the dress style, if it will be in the garden or somewhere else. But the truth is that the location is the element that determines what style of wedding each couple celebrates. There are so many options that could be difficult to choose and some weddings end up being forggotten.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is vital because not only it’s the place you’ll spend the first day of the rest of your life with your partner but also it is once in a lifetime that hopefully you will never repeat.

All inclusive resorts have become super convenient for weddings, and here in GCStar Punta Cana blog we tell you all the advantages!


Not all the resorts have the same capacity, however, there is a resort for every wedding concept, from intimate weddings to large events. In general, resorts can accommodate many guests, so space will not be a problem for the reception.


Speaking of locations, some resorts include spaces such as chapels, rooms for ceremonies, outdoor spaces, terraces, bars, covered rooms or restaurants… So from the ceremony to the reception, all moments can be celebrated in the same place. This means greater comfort, practicality and a lot of security, since it is not necessary to move from one place to another. In some resorts the rent for each location is charged separately, while in others everything is included in one package.


When you have your wedding at a resort, you don’t only get a beautiful place to celebrate with your loved ones. While every resort is different, most include other amenities and services, like food, drinks, staff, tables, linens, guest accommodations, in-house planners and much more. Since the resort deals with all these extra steps, you and your partner will feel less stressed in the months leading up to your big day.

Some resorts offer packages that include various party services, both with basic and traditional resort themes, as well as theme parties. They also offer the possibility of customizing the services that will be offered at the wedding, such as the candy table and the open bar.


The resorts also have specific menus for weddings, always tailored to whatever the bride and groom want and request. In addition, many of them have renowned chefs and upscale restaurants. Most resorts have industrial kitchens, so separate catering is not necessary, and one-hour meal delays are unlikely. You will have a wide range of dishes to choose from and the assurance that the food will be fresh at dinner time.


Of course, accommodation is an implicit plus; In addition to the fact that the bride and groom will be closer to the accommodation for their wedding night, the guests can enjoy the celebration without worries. The wedding in a resort will be very attractive for travelers and vacationers and your event will forever be associated with the place where it is held.


Long after everyone has danced the night away at the reception, the celebration continues with a delicious brunch the next day. When you have your wedding at a resort, you don’t have to travel to a restaurant for your post-reception brunch. All you’ll have to do is roll out of bed with your new spouse and meet your friends and family in the resort restaurant.


In addition to the fact that your loved ones accompany you to the most important day of your life, they can also enjoy an incredible vacation. The resorts offer different activities to enjoy the place, you can plan an excursion or a sporting activity. It is also an excellent pretext for both sides of the family to get to know each other and coexist, so on the wedding day they will notice a more relaxed and familiar atmosphere.


Of course, this is an excellent advantage of the resorts, you will not need to leave the complex to eat delicious or drink what you like the most. It will only be a matter of getting out of bed and deciding where you want to go. As we mentioned before, the resorts also offer different activities or if you wish, you can spend the whole day on the beach or in the pool relaxing.

Choosing a resort as the venue for your wedding will make you feel safer and less stressed, since they have experts who can help you choose the best options to make your day unforgettable.

They have different options from which you can choose or if you have special requests, they can help you get them.

And since we all know one of the most important parts of the wedding is the music, we can help you with that.

Get in touch with us and forget about the stress that the choice of music can cause you.

Learn about our services and ask about our packages.

By Veronica Rodriguez


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