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Why WEDDING MUSIC is so important?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

When planning a wedding, there are many aspects to consider; the place, the menu, the dress, decoration ...

But there is one aspect that couples often put aside: music.

Music is a key element in people's lives, so in events such as a wedding, it becomes extremely important.

According to survey, 81% of wedding guests commented that what they remember the most is entertainment.

If we think about it, who hasn´t happened that when listening a song they go back to the moment they met someone or experienced something special.

This is why your wedding playlist is the perfect opportunity to create a tone for your day and rekindle precious memories of friends and family sharing your big day.

It's the music that they will remember

As we have already mentioned, music is one of the elements that your guests will remember the most.

Music has been scientifically proven to enable the release of dopamine in the brain, that means, music makes you happy. Studies have also found a direct correlation between music and mental health, proving that music improves mental wellbeing.

So, the music will not only reach the brain, also the heart of your guests!

A good selection, a great party

Great music energises the crowd and an energised crowd makes a great party. Music amplifies the happiness of the couple’s newlywed status, and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate.

Give your guests the opportunity to interact

Weddings are huge gatherings that involve friends and family from all walks of life and generations. Music helps break social barriers among guests and makes them loosen up.

And not only that, dancing is the best way to create an environment in which your guests can interact.

Also, It helps guests meet new people.

Music represents your personality

The music you choose as a couple reflects your taste and is an amazing way to add a personal touch to one of the most important days of your life.

It will help your guests to know you a little more as a couple.

The music of this day will be the soundtrack of your relationship

Imagine how you will feel every time you listen to one of the songs you selected on the day of your wedding on the radio or in a restaurant. It will immediately transport you to this special day and relive all the feelings you lived through.

Let us help you with the soundtrack of the most special day of your life we are the best DJs in Punta Cana!

By Veronica Rodriguez

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