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The 10 most AKWARD and FUNNY moments at WEDDINGS

The magical moment in which you join your life to someone else's is a very special event to remember forever and no matter how much time you put into the preparations and organization, sometimes everything doesn't go as planned. There are some oversights that end in major failures that make the anecdote more interesting. That is why today we bring you the most akward and fun moments that have occurred at weddings.

The photo session is one of the most important moments of the wedding. It is the moment where all the memories are created that you can later show to your friends and family. Can you imagine this happening right in your photo session?

The dance floor is one of the most desired moments of the night, we all want to show our best dance steps. But there are those who try too hard...

Pets are our best friends and part of the family, that's why we want them to be part of these important moments but maybe they end up being the protagonists...

The ceremony ... the moment you join your life to your fiancé and the love pact is closed, it cannot always go well.

Having a wedding in an outdoor place can be very romantic, but it can also have its consequences...

We all dream of a wedding by the sea, the sand, the sun ... But sometimes the waves can play a trick on us ...

One of the funniest and most embarrassing moments for grooms is the Garter Toss, but it is also one of the most desired moments for groomsmen, unless it goes wrong ...

Doing something different for your entrance into the wedding is always a plus for the guests, but there are times when it is not the best decision...

Continuing with the big entries, here one that will definitely remain in the memory of all the guests and ours.

And last but not least fun, here we leave you a Wedding Cake Smashing Compilation, enjoy it!

We know that we are all concerned that things will go wrong on the most important day of our lives, just let yourself go and enjoy every moment, it is best to receive everything with a smile.

And one of the things that CANNOT go wrong on your wedding day is music. Did you know that music is one of the things that your guests will remember the most about your wedding?

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By Veronica Rodriguez


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